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Frequently Asked Landscaping Company Questions - Answered By D & L Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning

As a homeowner, you may be curious about landscaping or pressure washing, and why these tasks are such a necessary component of home maintenance. That is why our professional landscaping specialists have created this helpful FAQ page to answer your most burning questions. Read on to see what the experts have to say on the following matters.

Why Is Seasonal Landscaping So Important?

Your lawn and garden are an extension of your home. If you want to improve the look and feel of your property, you'll need to take advantage of seasonal landscaping. By hiring us, you can rest assured knowing we'll take care of pesky weeds, intrusive insects, unsightly vines, and other annoying lawn components.

Taking care of your own landscaping maintenance is always a good idea, but we highly recommend working with our professional landscaping company to ensure you get the best results.

What Happens If I Don't Keep Fresh Mulch In My Landscaped Areas?

There are many reasons to utilize fresh mulch in your landscaping. Mulch helps keep your soil moisturized and cool, it suppresses weeds, it improves soil structure, and it makes your property look much more attractive overall. Mulch is almost a necessity for all garden beds, trees, shrubs, hedges, and much more.

If you fail to regularly mulch your lawn or garden, you'll soon find your landscape growing out of control. Unleash the full potential of your property by asking D & L Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning about our mulching services today.

How Can I Best Care For My Garden Beds?

Garden bed maintenance doesn't need to be a complicated or tedious chore. While we advise you to hire our company for assistance, you can take care of your garden in the following ways: make sure to regularly provide water and mulch to treat your plants. Also, remember to remove any weeds on a regular basis; otherwise, they can cause harm to your plants as well as the soil.

Do You Use Any Harsh Chemical In Your Pressure Washing?

For certain areas around your home that may be more delicate, we utilize a pressure washing method known as soft washing. This involves a blend of low water pressure and specialized detergents to remove stubborn stains and grime. The soaps we use in our soft washing are eco-friendly and completely safe, meaning they won't cause any harm to you, your family, your property, or the environment.

Want to find out more about what D & L Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning can do for you and your home? Make sure to call us today and to speak with a helpful and knowledgeable representative. We're ready to help transform your property.

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If you are looking for more answers to your pressure washing and landscaping company questions in the Greater Pittsburgh area, ask us today with a phone call to 412-953-1114, or complete our online request form.