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D & L Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning: Mt. Lebanon's Premier Landscaping Company

Hedge shrub trimming removal

We are the premier landscaping company for residents living in Mt. Lebanon, and we think it's time that you hire us to handle your home.

For more than 17 years, ever since we opened our doors, we've been providing the best in terms of lawn maintenance and landscaping care for people all across Mt. Lebanon, PA. From lawn mowing to mulching, we handle it all.

To get a better, more comprehensive look at our service offerings, please keep reading.

Hire Mt. Lebanon's Premier Lawn Maintenance Company To Service Your Home

Here are a couple of the lawn care services we offer to our Mt. Lebanon clientele.

  • General landscaping/lawn maintenance: We started out just mowing people's lawns, and we still offer that service to this day. But we also provide other general lawn care and landscaping packages, like leaf-blowing, raking, etc.
  • Garden bed maintenance: Want your garden bed to look its best but don't have time to maintain it on your own? We offer garden bed maintenance services, which includes pruning, mulching, weeding, and more.
  • Hedge and shrub trimming and removal: Hedges and shrubs are great for enhancing the natural beauty of your Mt. Lebanon landscape. However, you need to regularly maintain them if you want them to look their best. We offer hedge and shrub trimming as well as removal in case you want a change of scenery.
  • Mulching: Mulch is extremely beneficial for your lawn and garden. Mulching can promote healthy plant growth, prevent weeds, and much more. But it can be exhausting trying to handle this task yourself, which is why we recommend contacting us to do it for you.

We offer plenty of other lawn maintenance and landscaping services for Mt. Lebanon homeowners, and if you'd like to learn more, call us at 412-953-1114.

Mt. Lebanon's Finest Pressure Washing Services

Although we pride ourselves on our landscaping and lawn maintenance services, we also provide exceptional pressure washing offerings as well. Below are a couple of our services.

  • Pressure washing: Dirt and grime can build up on all kinds of surfaces across your property, including your home's exterior. We can blast away the gunk with our contractor-grade pressure washing equipment. For more delicate surfaces, such as vinyl siding or screens, we use soft washing. This involves a combination of low water pressure and special eco-friendly detergents.
  • House washing: You can improve your residence's curb appeal by cleaning your entire home's exterior from top to bottom. Our house washing service will get into every nook and cranny, washing out the grime from the deepest corners around your home's exterior.
  • Concrete cleaning: Left unattended and uncleaned, concrete can look worn-out and deteriorated over time. But it can be tough cleaning concrete because of its tough surface. Luckily, our equipment can get deep into the concrete and draw out all the impurities.

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If you are looking for a Mt. Lebanon landscaping company or exterior cleaning, then please call 412-953-1114, or complete our online request form.