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House Washing in Rostraver, Pennsylvania

We were called out to complete a house wash to remove all the organic growth on the home along with cleaning the concrete driveway, back patio pad, walkway and wall that runs down the side of the driveway. The home was heavily soiled with algae on the front of the house which we treated multiple times to insure a thorough cleaning. The gutters whitened up and the black streaking lightened up to a point that couldn't been seen from the ground. The driveway and front walkway were both heavily stained with mold and algae, both of which cleaned up great with our surface cleaner. Our customer was extremely satisfied with our work and will get on our yearly maintenance program which will save him money and ensure that his home will always look pristine.

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If you are looking for professional house washing in the Rostraver, PA area, then please call 412-953-1114, or complete our online request form.