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Paver Restoration in Rostraver, PA

Paver restoration rastrover

We received a call from a homeowner in Rostraver, Pa. We were called out to look at a paver walkway that was severely neglected. The joints were filled with weeds and the pavers were stained with some oil and loaded with organic growth. This customer was interested in having her pavers cleaned, joint sand replaced and sealed. I proceeded to walk her through the process which would include us first cleaning out the weeds and debris from the joints. Once the joints were all cleaned out we would treat the area with a cleaning agent that would help lift the organic staining and then clean the entire surface with our surface cleaner. After we have a nice clean surface to work with we would then treat any areas with rust and oil staining and then would surface clean the area again. The final steps were to put down new sand to stabilize the joints and onto sealing the pavers with a high quality low gloss sealer. This customer stated the she didn't want a high shine to the finished area, I was able to show her options that would give her her wanted result. D&L Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning was hired to complete this job and our customer was extremely satisfied with the results. She has since gotten on our recurring maintenance schedule to keep her walkway looking beautiful for a very long time.

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